* A pre-requisite to receiving a CAP feed is having an FTP with at least 17 GB of space – or a SFTP if you are planning to receive content.

Subscription setup steps:

1. Log into your CAP account

2. Go to Edit My Profile and fill out the Delivery section with the FTP/SFTP details for your delivery. There is only one FTP per account; so if you need content delivered to multiple FTPs you will need to request several accounts.

3. Test your FTP connection – if the Connection Status icon is green, you can proceed to the next steps. If not, please re-check the information entered
4. Go to My Subscriptions and select Create New Subscription
5. Region/Country Language selection:

    a. Select the required region. Once the region is added, the Countries/Languages will be populated

    b. Please note: There is a limit at 10 locales/subscription. For more than 10 locales you will need to create additional subscriptions

6. Preferences and output:

7. Reports you can obtain with the CAP subscription:

  • Changed Products - SKU numbers for products that have had content changed from one delivery to another 
  • Product Hierarchy - hierarchy for products in the subscription 
  • Data Dictionary – features all containers and definitions for marketing messaging and technical specifications you will receive by selecting the “Core product content” option 
  • Obsolete Report - SKU numbers for products that have gone obsolete from one delivery to another 
  • Compatibility Report - compatibilities for SKUs in your subscription (less detailed information than you will receive through the “Compatibility” option) 
  • Deleted Report – mandatory processing; features products for which the lifecycle has changed from “released” to “unreleased” from one delivery to another 
  • Top-Value Report – features top value SKUs