* A pre-requisite to receiving a CAP feed is having an SFTP with at least 17 GB of space, if you are planning to receive content.

Subscription setup steps: 

1. Log into your CAP account

2. Go to Edit My Profile and fill out the Delivery section with the SFTP details for your delivery. There is only one SFTP per account; so if you need content delivered to multiple SFTPs you will need to request several accounts.

3. Test your SFTP connection – if the Connection Status icon is green, you can proceed to the next steps. If not, please re-check the information entered

4. Go to My Subscriptions and select Create New Subscription

5. Region/Country Language selection:

    a. Select the required region. Once the region is added, the Countries/Languages will be populated

    b. Please note: There is a limit at 10 locales/subscription. For more than 10 locales you will need to create additional subscriptions

6. Preferences and output:

7. Reports you can obtain with the CAP subscription:

  • Changed Products - SKU numbers for products that have had content changed from one delivery to another 
  • Product Hierarchy - hierarchy for products in the subscription 
  • Data Dictionary - features all containers and definitions for marketing messaging and technical specifications you will receive by selecting the “Core product content” option 
  • Obsolete Report - SKU numbers for products that have gone obsolete from one delivery to another 
  • Compatibility Report - compatibilities for SKUs in your subscription (less detailed information than you will receive through the “Compatibility” option) 
  • Deleted Report - mandatory processing; features products for which the lifecycle has changed from “released” to “unreleased” from one delivery to another 
  • Top-Value Report - features top value SKUs