The compatibility section can be found under the <links> tag and is helpful in providing up-sell and cross-sell options for the products you have chosen to subscribe to. Choosing the setup type of compatibilities will help you in filtering the various types of attach options available for a given product.


Below you have details on some tags and filter options in the <links> section:

  • <type> - information on the link category: accessory, supply, service (includes care pack information) 
  • <pmoid> - OID for the compatibility 
  • <num> - product number for the compatibility 
  • <name> - product name for the compatibility 
  • <full_date> & <obsolete_date> - lifecycle information for the compatibility 
  • <marketing_sub_category>, <marketing_category> & <product_type> - hierarchy information for the compatibility – with both OID and node name information for high-level nodes.


Example of link information: