Media content is available in the <msc> section; however please note that this section may be empty for some products since media content is not created for all existing products.

There are 3 main types of content available in this section: images, videos and interactive demos. The main attributes you can use to filter content for the latter 2 asset types are listed below:

  • <asset_category> - representing the asset type as follows:

  • <language_code> - field providing information on the appropriate language & localization (if this field is identical to the <culturecode> field at the top of the XML then the asset is valid for both the country & language. If only the country is a match than the asset may be available only in English for the specific country) 
  • <html_script> or <java_script> - for videos only – embed code used to add the video to a web page 
  • <asset_embed_code> - for interactive demos & flipbooks - direct link to the content, can be used to embed the image on a web page 

Example of media information (video):