Ratings and reviews are available within the <ratings> and <reviews> sections respectively. The main attributes for this content are listed below:


  • <RecommendedCount> - Number of users which recommended the product 
  • <OverallRatingRange> - Number which represents the highest rating value (5 is the highest rating value). This value should be used in combination with <AverageOverallRating> and <TotalReviewCount> 
  • <TotalReviewCount> - Number of reviews 
  • <AverageOverallRating> - Calculated average rating 

Example of <ratings> content:


  • <Title> - review title provided by user 
  • <ReviewText> - review content provided by user 
  • <NumComments> - number of user comments on the review 
  • <ContextDataValues> - reviewer information 
  • <RatingValues> - individual ratings per feature, if applicable 
  • <NetPromoterScore> - overall score; maximum possible is 10 

Example of <reviews> content: